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Food for Diabetes

by Gene Medame

Food for Diabetics:What are the 10 healthiest foods on the planet? Give these a shot!

Recently, someone challenged me to name the Food for Diabetics. I found the query intriguing – there are literally thousands of foods from which to choose! After pondering this question, it occurred to me that most Americans get more than their fair share of meat and dairy products and therefore need no urging to include these foods in their diets. We all know that excessive amounts of fat, sugar and processed foods aren't good for us. That narrows the field of candidates for inclusion in this list of the 10 healthiest foods we should be consuming. You've guessed it by now, right? While being ultra-rich in nutrients and cancer-fighting antioxidants, produce is perhaps the most neglected item on our menus.

Take a look at our Food for Diabetics and see if you don't agree that plenteous portions of these fruits and veggies shouldn't play a starring role at your table. You may be surprised to learn that each of these foods have medicinal properties as well.

1.Berries: Nearly all berries are rejuvenating tonics for your heart and blood. Several studies have shown that a daily serving of berries, rich in potassium, can decrease your risk of stroke by as much as 40%. In addition, most berries have antiviral properties in varying degrees, are excellent blood purifiers and work wonders for your complexion.

2.The Food for Diabetics Broccoli must be included on our list of the Food for Diabetics. Like most dark, green leafy veggies, is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Naturopathic physicians recommend generous daily servings of broccoli to patients recuperating from a lengthy illness, as this veggie has been shown to speed their return to good health.

3.Avocado lowers blood cholesterol levels. In a V.A. Study, patients ranging from 27-72 years old were given 1/2-1 ¼ avocados each day. Fully 50% of the patients experienced a decrease in serum cholesterol, ranging from 9-43%! Given that we all need to monitor our cholesterol levels, this tasty fruit deserves a spot on our list of 10 healthiest foods. Avocado is also beneficial in cases of psoriasis and eases deep muscle inflammation.

4.Food for Diabetics Bamboo shoots: besides being good in a fried rice dish, bamboo shoots are an ancient remedy for peptic or duodenal ulcers.

5.Food for Diabetics Bananas makes the list for a number of reasons. High in fiber, bananas are good for your digestive system and makes an ideal mid-morning snack or breakfast dish. One study, of blue-collar women workers, showed that daily consumption of bananas reduced their incidence of illness, while improving morale, attentiveness and energy levels. Another retirement home study, found that all 117 residents no longer suffered from digestive disorders, consuming just one banana a day!

6.Food for Diabetics Garlic and onions, both members of the allium family, might well be called 'miracle' foods, which should be included in as many dishes as appropriate to your taste. Why? Both contain allicin, the active constituent which produces their medicinal benefits. These veggies prevent blood clots, reduce HBP, reduce the 'bad' cholesterol while raising the 'good', increase longevity and eliminate worms – in both man and beast! Type 2 diabetics benefit from garlic and onions in reduced blood sugar levels. Garlic is also a natural antibiotic.

7.Food for Diabetics Olive oil is well known as a healthful and tasty alternative to many other cooking oils, with heart-healthy and cancer preventative properties. Olive oil also reduces the 'bad' cholesterol levels, without adversely affecting the 'good' cholesterol. In countries where olive oil is the primary source of dietary fat, the incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate, ovary and colon are markedly lower when compared with data from 30 other countries, where olive oil is not generally used.

8.Food for Diabetics Parsley may seem a surprising choice in our 10 healthiest foods. Packed with vitamins A and C, parsley provides more protection against cancer than you might have imagined. Parsley contains more histadine, an important amino acid that inhibits tumor development than almost any other vegetable. Put it in omelets, soups, sandwiches, gravies and salads. It's also an excellent breath freshener!

9.Food for Diabetics Peppers, whether sweet or hot, are surely one of the 10 healthiest foods. Habaneros bring relief to arthritis sufferers and dramatically reduce blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics. Generally speaking, the hotter the pepper, the greater the medicinal benefits. Cayenne pepper serves as a cholesterol lowering antidote to a greasy, fried meat entree. When indulging in such a meal, make your beverage an 8-ounce glass of tomato juice, spiked with 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. Consuming hot peppers regularly also prevents blood clots. Ironically, cayenne capsules (1 capsule, 2-3 times daily) helps heal ulcers.

10.Food for Diabetics Last, but not least on our 10 healthiest foods list, is the kiwifruit. Kiwifruit is a relative newcomer to the American supermarket, but has rapidly gained in popularity. It's usually available fresh in the produce aisle and is also found in juices, either as all kiwi or in a mix of strawberries (delicious!). It's sweet taste finds favor with kids, having a flavor sometimes described as a mix of melon, bananas, strawberries and pineapple. Now, for the health benefits: It's a great choice for dieters, with about 46 calories per average sized fruit, loaded with vitamins C, E and niacin. It's highly recommended for people on hypertensive meds, due to its high (average 250mg) potassium content. Anecdotal reports, gathered from medical anthropologists investigations, indicate that kiwifruit, eaten three times daily, dramatically reduces HBP to normal levels within just a couple of months! That's not all. This cute and tasty fruit also provides relief from heartburn and acid indigestion.

All of these 10 healthiest foods are readily available, easy additions to a variety of menus. Hopefully, you'll be encouraged to start piling on these veggies, to your better health!


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